About Us

About BeDifferent

BeDifferent was born from the dream to eliminate the gap between the consumer and big corporations.
We were tired of huge markups and non personal shopping experiences. At BeDifferent our margins are low and your experience is high.

Discover and experience amazing BeDifferent products to enhance your lifestyle! If you are thinking about a problem that’s bothering you, most probably we already have a solution!

And if you can't find a solution yet, mostly we might have started working on it already and we would like to hear about it from you too! Please write about it here!

Hop on to share the journey with us to Being Orinary to Being Different!

-Team BD

Business Details:
Registered Business Name/Legal Name: Slash Commerce Private Limited
Registered Business Address - Sati Joymati Road, Road Opp to Ajmal IAS, Ward No 05, Dankigaon,
Helpline: +91 9058026840
Email: help@bedifferent.in